Jaguars Slip in AFC Top Seed Race Post Week 13, Trevor Lawrence’s Status Uncertain

Following Week 13’s NFL matchups, the landscape of the playoff picture has seen notable shifts. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night not only cost them the opportunity to claim the top spot in the AFC but also relegated them to the No. 4 seed. The loss itself wasn’t the sole concern; it was the departure of their franchise quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, due to a sprained ankle. The seriousness of Lawrence’s injury remains uncertain, but any extended absence could pose a challenge for the Jaguars in maintaining their lead in the AFC South, especially with close rivals like the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans trailing close behind at 7-5.

Beyond the Jaguars’ setback, Week 13 brought significant movement across the league’s playoff spectrum. Here’s a glimpse of the current standings as we approach Week 14.

It’s important to note that the odds listed for making the playoffs, securing the No. 1 seed, and winning the Super Bowl are based on The Athletic’s NFL betting model crafted by Austin Mock. This model considers the possibility of Lawrence missing Week 14 but anticipates his return thereafter. Adjustments will be made based on the injury’s severity once more details emerge.

Miami Dolphins (9-3)
The Dolphins have exhibited impressive form in their recent victories against the New York Jets and Washington Commanders, scoring a cumulative 79 points. Their momentum appears strong, carrying them through the upcoming games. However, the larger question for the Dolphins revolves around how this momentum will translate into playoff performance. The team’s status among contenders will be determined by their performance in the final three regular-season games. Notably, the Dolphins possess a .306 strength of victory, the lowest in the AFC and third lowest across the NFL.
Remaining schedule: vs. Titans, vs. Jets, vs. Cowboys, at Ravens, vs. Bills