Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur calls Lewis Hamilton signing ‘great opportunity’ for team

The 2025 arrival of Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari represents a “great opportunity” for the team, according to team principal Frederic Vasseur. Lewis Hamilton, 39, will team up with Charles Leclerc in an announcement that startled Formula 1 less than two weeks ago.

It is crucial, according to Vasseur, to make the announcement early so that the 2024 season begins with no distractions. He added that the advent of the seven-time world champion “will present everyone with a formidable challenge.”

On Tuesday, during the unveiling of Ferrari’s 2024 vehicle, senior personnel at the Italian team first encountered the subject of Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected transfer.

Vasseur, who oversaw Lewis Hamilton’s GP2 juvenile category championship in 2006 prior to his graduation to Formula One, stated that the decision “came naturally.”

Leclerc stated that Ferrari had apprised him of their discussions with Hamilton prior to his earlier this year commitment to a new long-term contract. Further, Leclerc stated that agreements of this kind do not materialise instantly.

The time required for those discussions to transpire was not a surprise to him, as he was duly apprised of them prior to the execution of his contract. Although the team’s forthrightness concerning Hamilton was praiseworthy, it failed to substantially modify my viewpoint.

Leclerc stated that he and Hamilton, with whom he has maintained a cordial rapport for several years, “engaged in dialogue, particularly shortly after all developments were declared formal.” We, without a doubt, also exchanged texts.

Furthermore, he stated, “He is an outstanding champion.” “It is particularly intriguing to have a seven-time world champion as a new teammate because it provides added knowledge and is always a pleasure to have.”

Sainz, who is currently seeking a seat for 2025, described the decision as “a little bit of a surprise,” adding, “I was the first to hear the news, but that’s okay. I had a few weeks to reflect and prepare for the car launch before it became official, and that gives you a little time to digest it and concentrate on the 2024 season.” However, he stated that his departure from Ferrari did not alter his desire to achieve the greatest possible success this season.

Sainz stated, “I will continue to exert the same amount of strain on myself and the team; the desire to win races and become champions will remain the same regardless of the events that transpire in 2025.”

“Meaning that I will not be driving for Ferrari in 2025 does not detract from our desire to win the championship this year.” It allows me to be even more present-minded and to ensure that I have the finest automobile possible. And he stated that if requested, he would support Leclerc’s bid for the championship.

He continued that he has always been a team player on every squad he’s been a member of. The main objective of Ferrari’s design process for their new vehicle was to make it more predictable and comfortable to operate, allowing drivers to extract its optimum performance more efficiently.