Swann looks forward to No. 1 contender’s match

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 3:54pm by Shalene Hixon
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Photo of Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander courtesy of WWE’s official website

With the No. 1 contender’s match on RAW against Drew Gulak looming, Rich Swann looked to build some momentum on 205 Live.

The high-flying action aired from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, Cal.

But before he could focus on that match, Swann had to face Tony Nese on this night. Gulak accompanied Nese to the ring, so Swann brought his friend Cedric Alexander to even the odds.

The match was a back and forth contest, with Nese’s power counteracting Swann’s speed and agility. Gulak tried to do whatever he could to ensure Nese’s victory, but Alexander was there to put a stop to it.

The two continued to exchange near falls and heavy strikes until Swann’s resilience began to show. He was finally able to nail Nese with a devastating kick, allowing him to hit his top rope Phoenix Splash finisher for the win.

Infuriated, Gulak called Dar and Ariya Daivari to the ring to attack Swann and Alexander. But Akira Tozawa and Mustafa Ali came down to make the save. This forced Gulak and his crew to retreat and live to fight another day.

Earlier in the night, Alexander was ready to take on Gulak in a match. He was not messing around, interrupting Gulak’s PowerPoint presentation. But it was revealed that Dar would be his opponent, much to the disdain of Alexander.

The Scottish Supernova tried to take control early on, aided by Gulak’s continued taunts and distractions aimed at Alexander. But neither man had full control throughout the match, countering each other’s moves.

Right when Dar went to hit a top rope maneuver, Gulak reminded him that 205 Live was a “no fly zone”. This reminder backfired, as Alexander hit a distracted Dar with the Lumbar Check for the victory.

Up next was The Brian Kendrick vs. Gran Metalik. The luchador looked to avenge the attack on his friend Kalisto at the hands of Kendrick last week. It showed early on, as Kendrick had no answers to Metalik’s offensive onslaught.

The fight made its way to ringside, where Gentleman Jack Gallagher used a distracted official to attack Metalik and give Kendrick the momentum. Looking to end the match, The Man with a Plan went to hit Sliced Bread No. 2. Metalik countered, but Kendrick was able to recover and lock in the Captain’s Hook submission for the win.