Summer Slam 2016 Preview and Predictions

Posted on Aug 20 2016 - 9:45pm by Jason McDermott
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This Sunday is the WWE’s latest installment of the annual summer spectacular.  This is also the first special event since the roster was drafted into two separate shows on RAW and Smackdown.  The build up has been a tad disjointed because of the brand split.

This will be the first real chance that both shows will have to write some big angles and character turns to set the tone going forward on the respective Monday and Tuesday nights.

Catching up on some other news before we get to our picks.  The wellness violations were flowing like a fine wine this week.  Alberto Del Rio was the first name to be outed during the day on Wednesday.  The news of Del Rio being given a 30 day punishment comes at a time when rumors are flying of him being unhappy in WWE and the company being less than thrilled with him as well.  This could be the final blow that leads to an outright release soon.

In an ironic twist, Del Rio’s recent girlfriend and former woman’s champ, Paige was suspended several hours later and given the same 30 days.  She had been off of tv recently with what many thought was an injury of some sort.  The pair had been vocal about being drafted to separate shows and had an altercation in a bar that made TMZ a while back.  Management may have been looking to make an example of the two.

Then on Thursday, news of Eva Marie came down and she became victim number three.   This is directly affects the Summer Slam card as Eva was in a six women’s tag match and now will obviously be pulled from that match.

Now that the house keeping is done, let’s move on to some predictions.  As always, Matt Hladio and Eddie McDonald join in for the fun too.


Becky Lynch, Carmella, and Naomi vs. Natalya and Alexa Bliss

This match was supposed to be the six woman tag including Eva Marie but we now get a handicapped match, at least it seems that way.  I expect a random name to be thrown in but expect the faces to pick up the win regardless.  Becky will pick up the submission for her team.

Matt:  Since Eva Marie is suspended 30 days for violated the Wellness Policy, this looks to be a handicap match for now. Who knows how this match will actually play out. As it stands now, I see the faces pulling out a win. Winners: Carmella, Becky Lynch, & Naomi.

Eddie:  This was supposed to be  A three on three tag match with these ladies, but Eva Marie was suspended on Thursday for violating the WWE wellness policy. So unless the heels find another partner this will be a handicap match. I see Becky lynch making Alexa Bliss tap out.      I’m glad these women are getting a chance to wrestle on the card but this match doesn’t do a whole lot for me .


Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Mick Foley on RAW this Monday made this a best of seven series, and I am very happy for this.  Supposed to be It gives both workers something meaningful to do.  It will challenge them to be creative and tell a new story for all seven matches.  Yes it will go seven.  As for match number one?  It is a coin flip, but I see Sheamus going up early 1-0.

Matt:  This will be the first match in a best-of-seven series between these two. I totally fine with this and I know we will get good matches. I see Cesaro getting the 1st win at Summer Slam.. Winner: Cesaro

Eddie:   I love the fact that this will be a best of seven series between the two. It’s similar to what’s WCW did years ago for the US title. These two will put in a good match after goodness. Since since Cesaro has gotten the upper hand over Sheamus the past couple of weeks in matches,  I will take the Celtic warrior to go up 1-0 in the series.



Intercontenental Title Match:  Apollo Crews vs The Miz

A win by Crews here could jump start him as he has kind of been stagnant following his debut a while back.  On the flip side, Miz has been quite good since being reunited with his wife.  No need to change here.  The Miz picks up the pin and retains.

Matt:   This match hasn’t been built up too well. I see The Miz retaining and allowing Crews to continuing chasing. Winner: The Miz

Eddie:   The Miz is doing his best work since being in the WWE. I really don’t like the match but it does allow Crews to get a shot at one of the major belts with so much lineage. I would have liked to see more from Crews to make me care about him, but that just hasn’t been the case. Give me the Miz to extend his title reign.



Enzo and Cass vs. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

This match is in Enzo and Cass’s back yard, how you doin….Jericho and Owens have great chemistry friend or foe, how you doin….The crowd should be wayyyyy into this match, how you doin…..K.O. and Jericho going to be a great feud, how you doin…..Which means your winners are gonna be Enzo and Cass…….

How you doin?

Matt:  The promos between these two teams have been very entertaining. They have been one of the segments I really look forward to seeing everyone Monday. No way Enzo & Cass loose in their backyard of Brooklyn. Winners: Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Eddie:   The pairing of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens is a match made in heaven. The duo plays off each other so well and are a perfect  opposition to Enzo and Cass. The promos leading up to this match have been great especially when Owens tells Big Cass that SAWFT is the wrong spelling of the word. Brooklyn is going to be absolutely electric once Enzo and Cass’s music hits.  There is no doubt that the two up and comers will walk out victorious in front of their hometown fans.



RAW Tag Team Championship:  Gallows and Anderson vs. The New Day.

Big E has not been medically cleared after suffering ring-post-itis at the hands of the challengers.  The New Day has been great and entertaining over the last year plus, but the time is right for a new team to reign.  Gallows and Anderson walk out with the straps and I see Big E turning on his mates as well, either to cost them the match, or afterwards.

Matt:  With Big E out with an “injury”, this evens the odds in Gallows & Anderson’s favor. Now is a great time to get the titles off of New Day and crown new Tag Team Champions. Winners: Gallows & Anderson

Eddie:   I don’t like the comedy routine from the Club. I want them to be bad asses that are on a tear. Let the New Day handle the comedy routine. With Big E out with an injury, this is the perfect time to take the belts off of Woods and Kingston. Give me the Club in this match and don’t be surprised if on Monday night, on RAW, that the Balor Club forms with all the gold.



RAW Woman’s Championship:  Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

Dating back to their time in NXT, these two have always fought at a high level and delivered great matches.  Very appropriate that they do the same on this stage.  Sasha gets the win hereafter fighting off outside interference and making Charlotte tap to the Banks Statement.

Matt:  If their match several weeks ago in Pittsburgh was any indication, this has the potential to steal the show in my opinion. No way Sasha loses the title this quick. She needs to go on a nice run with the title. Winner: Sasha Banks

Eddie:   This match would normally be the one I’m most excited about, but with Rollins/Balor, this comes in a close second. The women’s division is surging right now and these two are the perfect pairing to take it to the next level. Don’t be surprised if these two women close out a PPV before the year is over. It’s too early for Sasha to drop the title after winning it on the first RAW after the draft. Give me the Boss to make Charlotte tap out.



RAW U.S. Title Match:  Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

This feud had a lot of potential and intensity when the initial face off happened a couple of weeks ago on RAW.  Getting the Lana/Rusev real life wedding angle involved has dulled it for me.  So now the guy fighting for his wife’s honor is the heel?  Oy.  Plus they just had a twenty-minute, main event match this past RAW with the challenger winning.  Rusev gets his revenge this time by submission.

Matt:  We had this match already on Raw this past Monday with Roman getting the win. I don’t see why Roman should win twice in a row. I see Rusev making Roman pass out in the Accolade to retain. Winner: Rusev by submission.

Eddie:   This feud is so good on so many levels. Rusev is the perfect heel and arguably the best one the WWE has right now. Since Reigns isn’t in the Universal title picture, this suits him well. This adds more importance to the US title, something that it truly needed. Rusev is so good as a heel, that fans are actually cheering for Reigns, who a  month or so ago was getting booed out of every building. Reigns won on RAW which leads me to think Rusev will either make him tap out or pass out from the Accolade to retain the strap.



John Cena vs. AJ Styles

This should be excellent, with 10 matches on the card it may not get the time it deserves, but it is on the WWE Network so…screw time limits.  Cena is teflon so no loss will hurt him at this point.  AJ picking up a big time win without help would really boost him as well.  Add it all up and include the John is set to take time off again for filming makes it all add up.  AJ gets the pin.

Matt:  With Cena taking time off to do projects outside of WWE, it only makes sense for AJ Styles to pick up the win. If Alberto Del Rio can do it at the Hell in a Cell PPV, AJ Styles certainly can. Winner: AJ Styles

Eddie:   I have loved this feud from the very beginning. I love that they’re giving Styles a chance in WWE and see how great he is. Styles and the Club were such great heels that the crowd is actually cheering for Cena, something that is no easy feat. This should be another good match between the two. With the rumored hiatus Cena will be taking I’m going with Styles to win this match.



WWE World Championship (Smackdown):  Dolphins Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose.

Great build up and specifically making Dolph look dangerous and relevant again.  Dolph is always involved in putting on high level matches.  This should be no different.  There is a small chance Ziggler takes the gold, but the better bet is Dean retaining and moving on to say……AJ Styles.  As for Dolph, a body-guard and a heel turn could be in store.

Matt:  Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler- Ziggler has been built up well in this feud. The promos between these two have been great. They make me think Ziggler has a chance to win. The chance will be too low, because Dean will retain the title and move on to someone else. Winner: Dean Ambrose.

Eddie:   There’s  is no doubt in my mind that these two will put on a good match, but what is the actual story? Dolph gets a shot at the belt and Dean defends it. Why should I care about this match?  Just because of a championship? Will Bray Wyatt be involved? He almost has to be, whether he costs someone the match or attacks the winner.   I am going against the popular pick and think Dolph Zigler grabs the proverbial brass ring and captures the title, with a post match attack from the Eater of Worlds.



WWE Universal Championship (RAW):  Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

This is a coin flip, but to me should be the match of the night.  While I was disappointed that they debuted Balor’s Demon on RAW, I get why they did it.  Some talk of a double turn and Finn aligning with Gallows and Anderson have surfaced, but I don’t see it happening and I think ‘The Man’ walks out with the new belt.  Seth picks up the pin, maybe reaching down to use a curb stomp to finally finish the Demon?

Matt:  They can’t build up Balor and The Demon this much to not give him the Championship. A win will have establish Balor as a star. This can easily be match of the night and be a match of the year contender. Winner: Finn Balor

Eddie:   This is a match I am so excited for. Some think that Finn is getting pushed too fast, but those are the same people who were clamoring for his call up from an NXT. This is the perfect thing they could do with Balor at this time. The WWE had a plan for Finn hence why he was drafted fifth overall in the draft and they are executing the plan to perfection.    Allows Rollins to chase the title for a little bit. Regardless of who actually wins the match, the real winners are the fans. It’s really a tossup on who will win, but I’m going with Finn Balor to become the new WWE Universal (stupid name) Champion.



Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton

Brock has not been pinned in nearly three years (HHH) and Randy has not had a high-profile watch or win in over a year so something needs to give.  Brock will probably shuffle off and not be seen again until Survivor Series or the Rumble so I’m gonna give OrtonBrock the nod here after multiple RKO’s.

Matt:  Orton will put up a decent fight against Lesnar. One RKO won’t get the job done against Lesnar. Lesnar will take Orton to Suplex City which Orton will not be able to overcome. Winner: Brock Lesnar

Eddie:   I have wanted to see this match for years and now we finally get it. I loved the ‘invasion’ part of this angle were each superstar appeared on the other show to attack. The video packages and promos have been excellent. I really want to see Orton counter an F5 with an RKO. That would be so sick. I’ve went back-and-forth on this prediction, but in the end, I’ll take the Beast Incarnate  to tame the Viper.


Thanks for reading