SmackDown Live: Why Sami Why?

Posted on Oct 12 2017 - 9:50am by Jeff Bridges
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Live from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Smackdown opened with the entrance of the brand new Smackdown Tag Team champions, The Usos.

They bragged highly about succeeding within the Hell in a Cell match against The New Day, which prompted the former champions to make an appearance.

After months of insanely amazing matches between theses two teams, both groups were battered and made note of it. The Usos, who seemed to have had a change of heart, proposed a truce between themselves and The New Day. They claimed that it was time to bury that hatchet as they were the best two teams on the roster.

Upon those words, a string of back-to-back interruptions took place as The Hype Bros, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, Breezango and The Ascension all made their way to ringside.

Each team refused to be looked down upon by the two teams in the ring, each stating their case for why they were the best.

Having heard enough, SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan came out to shoo The New Day and The Usos from the ring. This action was only to clear the ring for a Fatal 4-Way Match between the remaining teams to determine who would be the next No. 1 Contender for the Tag Titles.

This match remained chaotic throughout as each team tried their best to keep tagging in and having one of their members involved at all times. There was even a point where every team ran into the ring to break up a pin attempt.

However, Gable and Benjamin showed off their amazing in-ring prowess by leveling every other competitor with a combination of suplexes and spinebusters.

Finally they were able to land their Bulldog and Powerbomb combination move on Tyler Breeze to pick up the victory and a chance at the Tag Team Championships.

The women had to get themselves into the spotlight as Carmella came out to take on Becky Lynch. The Princess of Staten Island looked good throughout the match until Becky was able to quickly counter a maneuver into her Dis-arm-her submission to score the tap-out and the victory.

Kevin Owens, limping from the many injuries sustained in his Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon on Sunday, was asking the exact same question the WWE Universe was asking, “Why, Sami Zayn, Why?”

While he was clearly happy that he had defeated Shane on Sunday, he needed to hear Sami’s reasoning for saving him from the clear danger he was in at the hands of McMahon.

Zayn made his way down to the ring and proceeded to say that KO had shown him that he had been going about his career the wrong way. He saved Kevin from Shane’s dive from atop the cell because he felt misused and he saw the Shane did not care about him or Kevin’s livelihoods at all.

To close it all out, Zayn thanked his former rival and the two embraced in the ring, showing that they were now friends again.

Rusev and Aiden English appeared in the ring next, ready for tag team action against their recent rival Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. From the start, English and Rusev held firm control of the match by isolating The Viper and wearing him down. It was starting to look like Rusev Day was going to take place once again.

Then, Randy made the tag to a fairly fresh Shinsuke, and everything changed. Nakamura took immediate control, lashing out with a flurry of kicks and names that showed why he was called the King of Strong Style. After an RKO from Randy stopped Rusev from interfering, Nakamura nailed English with a Kinshasa knee strike to claim the victory.

As the commercials came to a close, two large men holding massive hammers and wearing bulky jackets come up on the screen. As they turn around, it is revealed to be Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, who had both been off TV for a while. They talked about how they had reinvented themselves as The Bludgeon Brothers and the roster should beware.

Tuesday night once again became glorious as Bobby Roode made his way to the ring. The Glorious One was extremely excited about his first WWE pay-per-view victory, but still had a sour taste in his mouth due to Dolph Ziggler’s post match attack. Wanting to get a measure of revenge, Roode called out The Showoff.

Ziggler made his way down to ringside, void of any entrance theme or video to go along with his “flashy entrances are stupid” gimmick.

He proceeded to call Bobby out for cheating to win their match and called him a fraud who hides behind all the glitz and glamour of his over the top entrance. Ziggler accepted the challenge for a rematch, but Bobby would have to wait for next week.

The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin was completely over the moon with excitement as the new United States Champion, but you wouldn’t be able to tell as he came out completely serious for his championship defense against former champion AJ Styles.

Things did not look good for Corbin in the beginning though, as The Phenomenal One could not be touched and held control firmly.

Baron was able to battle back using his Golden Glove winning strikes and hard slams to wear down Styles. He completely took control when AJ went for a kick on the apron and Corbin threw him hard to the floor. From there all it took was an End of Days from The Lone Wolf to pick up the victory and retain his newly won championship.

Final Thoughts

Corbin looked very strong in his defense of the US Title. Hopefully this signifies the end of his massive slump and that he will have a very solid title run for a long time.

The Bludgeon Brothers are very interesting as both Harper and Rowan were in a state of limbo with nothing to do and they have always worked well together. With the SmackDown Tag Team division at its absolute peak, it will be interesting to see where they will fit in the picture.

Sami Zayn turning heel was something I never saw coming. He has been a top baby-face throughout the majority of his career so this is a very welcome and unexpected change.