Raw Recap: The Shield aims for gold

Posted on Dec 5 2017 - 3:07pm by Jeff Bridges
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The Shield cruised into The Staples Center in Los Angeles with one clear goal in mind: to end the night with each member holding gold.

Roman Reigns, who recently won the Intercontinental Championship, defended his title for the second week in a row. Then, later in the night, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose got their rematch for the Raw Tag Team Titles against The Bar.

The show opened with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle taking the ring to announce who would challenge Reigns for the belt. Before the name could escape his lips, Jason Jordan came out and begged his storyline father for a shot at The Big Dog. This led to Reigns interrupting and saying that Jordan needed to step back because he wanted Samoa Joe, the man who attacked him the week prior.

Joe then comes out and threatens Reigns, saying the same result would happen if he didn’t withdraw his challenge. Jordan got cocky and started calling Joe out. He then attacks The Intercontinental Champ from behind, hitting him with a belly-to-belly suplex. This angered The Big Dog who proceeded to tell The Samoan Submission Machine that he could wait while Jordan was taught a lesson.

Despite his long standing knee injury, Jason Jordan was able to toss Reigns around with a flurry of suplexes that show the young superstar’s power. It remained back and forth until Jordan attempted a belly-to-belly over the top rope where he landed badly on the knee. The Big Dog saw this and immediately targeted it, wearing the young man down.

Jordan still came extremely close multiple times but was eventually shut down by a Superman Punch and a Spear. The Big Dog’s celebration was cut short as Joe came running down and attempted to choke out the champ. Jordan quickly removed the Samoan with a big suplex, saving his recent opponent but only receiving another Superman Punch for his troubles as Roman Reigns stood tall.

The main event featured Ambrose and Rollins taking on The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) for the Raw Tag Team Titles. From the very beginning, Cesaro and Sheamus refused to allow The Shield to make any tags, consistently isolating whichever member was legal at the time to the best of their ability. Everytime Ambrose and Rollins had any momentum it was shut down quickly.

Then, out of nowhere, the win came within the Shield’s grasp as Rollins hit his Kingslayer knee strike on Cesaro. Sheamus broke up the pin and snapped, beating down on Rollins and Ambrose until the referee had no choice but to disqualify them so The Bar could retain their titles. As the semi-victorious team prepared to leave, they were stopped by Raw GM Kurt Angle who restarted the match as a no disqualification.

Upon this announcement, The Shield went full steam ahead, taking immediate control and scoring multiple near falls in quick succession. It seemed like they were going to pick up the win until Samoa Joe came in and attacked them, prompting Reigns to come out and chase him off. This distraction however leads to Sheamus landing a Brogue Kick and The Bar escaping with their titles.

After his post-match breakdown the previous week, people were wondering if Matt Hardy was going to fully embrace his “Broken” character. Over the past week there were several teasers released that led to even more speculation such as a video Hardy released referencing his helper Senor Benjamin and his drone, Vanguard 1, restarting its Twitter account.

Bray wyatt, the man who beat Hardy last week, came on the screen to deliver another one of his cryptic promos. As it began, the screen flashed over to Matt Hardy in full Broken attire, delivering a promo that only Broken Matt could. The two disturbed superstars went back and forth for several minutes as Hardy’s trademark Delete chants rang through the arena. The segment ended with both men trading maniacal laughs and fading away.

The women had time to shine as Paige, flanked by her Absolution cohorts Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, made her singles in-ring return as she took on Sasha Banks, who was accompanied by Mickie James and Bayley. The majority of the match remained back and forth as both women traded submission holds and big strikes throughout. The match ended as Banks was distracted by a brawl between the other women at ringside which allowed Paige to drop her with a Ram-Paige for the win.

Later on, The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka came out to take on Alicia Fox who truly felt she could end the almighty streak. While Fox looked good for the first minute, Asuka proved why she is still undefeated, locking in a jumping armbar for a quick submission win. Absolution then comes out and surrounds the ring. Asuka, not feeling threatened, casually walks away as Rose and Deville proceed to decimate Fox.

elias came to the GM asking for competition and he got it in the form of Braun Strowman. The Monster threw The Drifter around like a ragdoll. Elias used his one opening to bash his guitar over Strowman’s back but this did nothing besides further angering him. After a big Running Powerslam dispatched Elias, Kane came up on the screen and officially challenged The Monster Among Men for next week.

The Cruiserweights had their second Fatal Four-Way to determine who would be in next week’s number one contender’s match. This match featured Zo Train members Tony Nese and Drew Gulak as well as Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. This match was a verified highlight reel between Alexander and Ali as they even performed a Spanish Fly from the top rope.

The match came to a close as Alexander landed big Lumbar Checks on both Nese and Ali but was quickly cut off by Gulak. He ran in out of nowhere, smacked Alexander with a huge knee that knocked him out of the ring and the pinned the already downed Ali to pick up the win and move on to face Rich Swann next week for a chance to challenge Enzo Amore.

Finn Balor had a match against Bo Dallas, who entered to The Miz’s music as a tribute to him while he is away filming another movie. The match was fairly one-sided as the Extraordinary Man who does Extraordinary Things pulled off another win as he flattened Dallas with a big Coup de Grace.