RAW Recap: The Hounds of Justice on the prowl again

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 9:47am by Shalene Hixon
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Photo of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose by WWE’s official website

Monday Night RAW was live from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind.

The night kicked off with a special edition of Miz TV. The Miz brought back another edition of the Mizzys award show, giving his pals Curtis Axel and Sheamus and Cesaro awards for their part in the “Destruction of Roman Reigns.”

Miz then went on to say how the rumors of a Shield reunion were all hype.

Reigns had heard enough, but he didn’t come alone. The other two members of the Shield, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, joined him and stormed the ring to take care of Axel and Sheamus and Cesaro. When Miz was left alone, the trio hit him with their patented triple power-bomb and stood united once again.

The first match of the night was Jason Jordan against Karl Anderson. Both went back and forth for a little until Anderson poked Jordan in the eye and grabbed his tights, but Jordan recovered. He hit his signature neckbreaker for the win.

Up next, Elias came down to the ring to sing one of his trademark songs before his match with Apollo Crews. But before he could even begin, Crews’ manager Titus O’Neil came out and made fun of Elias’ gimmick. Then Crews made his way down to the ring for the match.

Elias dominated early, wearing down Crews’ left shoulder and arm. A misstep allowed Crews to get back into the match, but it didn’t last long as Elias hit the Drift Away to once again put away Crews.

After, Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore came out to ask General Manager Kurt Angle why he gave Kalisto a title match. He called Angle out to the ring to ask him to his face, to which Angle responded that the fine print stated Kalisto was not a cruiserweight when he signed the clause.

Amore kept running his mouth, so Angle decided to scrap the title match for TLC and have it tonight. A disgruntled Amore said he would only accept the match if it was the main event, to which Angle obliged. But he added one more stipulation: the entire cruiserweight division would be at ringside to make it a lumberjack match.

Braun Strowman’s path of destruction continued as he faced Matt Hardy. It didn’t take long for the Monster Among Men to dominate the match, as he usually does. Hardy tried to make a comeback, but it was not enough as Strowman hit the Running Powerslam for the win.

Strowman was not done with Hardy, as he carried him up the ramp only to be stopped by the Shield. The pack mentality returned and the trio overwhelmed Strowman, ultimately triple powerbombing him through the announce table.

Next, Mickie James came down to the ring to address the WWE Universe. She called out RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss for talking smack behind her back, attacking her from behind and hiding behind Nia Jax.

Bliss then came out to “apologize” and reveal her “Tribute to Mickie James,” which again portrayed the seven-time women’s champion as nothing but an old-timer.

James told Bliss to come down to the ring and say it to her face, but Little Miss Bliss wasn’t having it. This resulted in James pulling her into the ring and giving her a little beatdown before Bliss managed to escape.

The cruiserweights were on display next, as The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher faced Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. Kendrick and Gallagher isolated Alexander for almost the entire match, seeking some retribution for the last few weeks on 205 Live.

Alexander was able to get the tag to Ali, who took Gallagher out of the equation. However, Kendrick hit a Sliced Bread No.2 that Alexander couldn’t break up for the win.

Finn Balor came out for a second week in a row to address Bray Wyatt. He says he has no idea what “Sister Abigail” is about, calling Wyatt a virus that keeps mutating. But Balor wasn’t buying it, saying the Eater of Worlds is desperate for attention and that no one is afraid of him.

Wyatt then interrupted by saying that while Balor may not be afraid of him, he should be afraid of Sister Abigail. He then transformed into her, who delivered a simple warning: “You can’t beat me. Run.”

It was the women’s turn next, as it was Sasha Banks, Bayley, Emma, Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke faced off in a fatal-five-way elimination match. The winner of the match would go on to face the debuting Asuka at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view.

Bayley hit the Bayley-to-Belly to quickly eliminate Dana Brooke. Banks tried to eliminate Bayley, but the job was done by Fox. The final three were her, Banks and Emma. Banks was the obvious target, but soon after the alliance fizzled out and allowed The Legit Boss to eliminate Fox.

Right after the elimination, Emma slid into the ring and rolled Banks up to win the match. She was elated, but we’ll see how long that lasts when she steps in the ring with Asuka.

Then came the main event, Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto in a lumberjack match for the Cruiserweight Championship. Each superstar in the division made their way down to the ring, surrounding it to make sure there was no escape.

Amore made his way down to the ring, and once again belittled all of the cruiserweights before Kalisto entered the ring. Kalisto took control early, not giving Amore any breathing room. But the Realest Champ in the Room used a few shortcuts to get himself back in the match.

Kalisto found himself outside the ring, and Mustafa Ali, Kendrick and Gallagher took the opportunity to beat him up before throwing him back into the ring. This gave Amore full control, who then proceeded to take a cheap shot at Ali. The cruiserweights started to brawl on the outside and Kalisto superplexed Amore onto the chaos below.

Amore almost won the match with a boot to the face, but Ali got some payback by pulling the champ out of the ring before the three count. The distraction allowed Kalisto to hit the Salida del Sol from the top rope, earning him the Cruiserweight Championship.