Pitt Remains Winless When Playing Two Quarterbacks

Posted on Nov 20 2017 - 11:39am by Jordan Kiebler
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The University of Pittsburgh traveled to Blacksburg, Virginia to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday.

Pitt lost 20-14, but not before a wild finish.

Kenny Pickett completed a 70-yard pass to Jester Weah who was tripped up at the one yard line. It was originally ruled a touchdown, but was then determined that he was down at the 1-yard line. The Panthers had four attempts to get the ball in the end zone — and failed.

Tough, tough loss.

My Notes

Pitt’s defense

Was this the best game Pitt played defensively? I think so.

This is the first game I watched where the Panthers were actually wrapping up and making tackles. That’s been a tough task all year — tackling. The Panthers did a tremendous job defensively and were getting pressure all day long. A split away second from at least four more sacks.

Avonte Maddox was my player of the day on both sides of the ball. What a presence he made and having him back was huge. He had multiple pass break ups and was defending all day long. Josh Jackson was targeting him a lot as well. When his number was called, he performed. Great day for Maddox.

Jordan Whitehead had multiple tackles that made you say “wow.” He continues to show the nation why he is the best safety in the country and a solid first round pick.

The Fake Field Goal

Wow. What a call. I hope everyone understands the amount of guts that play call took. A lot. A lot of guts. If Pitt doesn’t convert on that, everyone, and I mean everyone would have been at Narduzzi’s throat.

“Are you kidding me, you are playing in Blacksburg and you aren’t going to take the points there???!!!!” -every Pitt fan if that play doesn’t work.

Thank God that wasn’t the case. What a turning point in the game.

Ryan Winslow is still proving why he should be the Heisman, I mean ALL-ACC selection. The kid punts the snot out of the ball, and he can pass! Can he run routes too?

No Run Game

Pitt relies on the run, and it didn’t work this week. However, that is going to happen! Pitt won’t run all over teams every week. Darrin Hall didn’t have a good day, but that is also on the offensive line. The run game just wasn’t there.

I still admire Shawn Watson for his diversity in the play calling. He didn’t completely abandon the run, he went back to it at times.

And he brought the shovel pass back! I love that play.

Shawn Watson is not the problem people. He will be back next year and he will do a fantastic job.

Two Quarterbacks, not a good look

As mentioned previously, Pitt is win-less when playing two quarterbacks in one game. Again, when the backup quarterback comes into the game, Pitt will not win — statistically.

Those stats continue to be true.

Ben DiNucci wasn’t getting anything going and Kenny Pickett came in.

It’s safe to say which way this program is going to go now.

Pickett is the answer.

He throws such a nice ball and honestly, I just think he’s better than DiNucci. I feel for DiNucci, but this isn’t high school anymore. This is Division 1 ACC Football. The best player is going to play.

I tried to give DiNucci the benefit of the doubt all year, but it is going to come down to a talent standpoint. And Pickett is clearly more talented.

So where does DiNucci go from here? I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

As a fan base, Pitt fans NEED to rally around Kenny. Give him confidence and let him know he is the guy. This team has so much potential and I am so excited for the upcoming years. Fans just need to stay patient.

Kenny Pickett’s Timeout

Kenny Pickett had to burn a timeout during the first play of the second half. The very first play. If he doesn’t call that there, Pitt has two timeouts at the end. Does that make a difference? Possibly, but you know I don’t like making that statement.

College Gameday’s Comment

Where the heck did this come from? They were talking about Miami traveling to Heinz Field next week and Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler both made comments about the fact that there was going to be a lot of yellow seats there.

Uhm, ok? Cool? We know that. Pitt is having a bad season, what about that is going to draw a crowd? And why is that being brought up on national television?

There was just no need for that at all.

Oh well, whataya gonna do right?

Hail to Pitt. Don’t give up. The Kenny Pickett era begins.

Photo courtesy of Matt Gentry/The Roanoke Times via Associated Press.