Pitt hands UNC their first ACC win

Posted on Nov 13 2017 - 9:35pm by Jordan Kiebler
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Not a good Thursday night showing for the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Pitt lost to the University of North Carolina, 34-31.

Some of my takeaways:

Well, nothing takes the wind out of your sails like an opening kickoff return to the house. And that’s exactly what North Carolina did. Boom. 7-0.

Jordan Whitehead got beat deep on 1-on-1 coverage over the middle. The wide receiver for UNC made an absolutely fantastic catch but that’s a rare time you will ever see a receiver make a play on Whitehead.

There are talks of him going in the first round of next year’s NFL Draft.

He has to be a top three safety in the nation. Someone compared him to Jabrill Peppers. I honestly don’t see that.

I think Peppers is better than Whitehead but none the less, I hope Whitehead pursues his NFL career after the season is over.

Damar Hamlin has still yet to open my eyes. Yes, I know he’s been battling this sports hernia for a long time, but if that is what is keeping him from making plays, why is he playing?

If he’s not healthy, why is he playing?

He has to be healthy, and I am still patiently waiting for him to do something this season that is memorable.

Ryan Winslow has to be an ALL-ACC selection. I don’t follow the best punters in the ACC, but I can’t imagine there are many better than Winslow.

Honestly, he’s the most consistent player on this team. He does his job every time.

James Conner was on the sidelines during the game and then taking pictures with students and the whole nine yards. Is there anything this kid does wrong? He’s like a walking saint.

If he’s not your favorite Pittsburgh athlete, then you probably went to Penn State. Pittsburgh is lucky to have him represent this city. I can’t say enough words about Conner.

Quadree Henderson’s fumble at the 1-yard line may have been the turning point of the game. But I never like looking at games that way. You cannot say, “If Henderson scores there, Pitt wins.”

Well, yeah maybe.

But if Pitt scores there, UNC’s play calling would have been completely different. So you can’t blame the loss on Henderson. It was a mistake, he won’t do it again.

Elijah Zeise is getting better each and every week. I thought he had another fantastic game on Thursday, and he’s finally starting to make his presence felt. He has enough athleticism to make great plays at the linebacker spot.

Shawn Watson called a great game in the first half, and besides abandoning the run late in the fourth, overall he did a good job. That’s my opinion. He will be graded based on what he did at the end — and yeah he probably should be graded that way. That’s when it counts. If you take that possession away, he did a great job mixing up the calls.

I’m not going to tell everyone again how good Darrin Hall is. I’ve been saying it every week. Yeah, he’s very good and Pitt is lucky that he is now the guy. It’s just very concerning to me that he wasn’t the starter from the beginning. Are there other guys on the bench too that have this kind of potential? I sure hope not.

Honest question here. When an opposing coach tries to “ice” you during a field goal attempt. When the time out is granted, why doesn’t the center snap the ball anyway and let the kicker kick it? Is that a penalty? I would literally do that every time. At least snap it and practice that. I don’t know why I don’t see that more often. If it’s because it’s a penalty – well then there’s your answer Jordan.

There were multiple times when Ben DiNucci would go for a play action — and no one was there to fake the ball to. It was like he was playing in the back yard against his dad. If it happened once I would have let it go, but it happened two or three times. Yeah it’s a minor detail, but if you want to be the starting quarterback, know the plays.

It’s time to grow up and take control of this team.

DiNucci running on that Hail Mary attempt, screams no. You cannot do that. And by the way Joey Galloway and Booger McFarland were all over DiNucci the entire night. It’s real easy to sit up in the booth and talk about what 19-20 year old kids should have done. Man were they annoying.

Saw so many tweets of fans letting the Panthers hear it. Good for you guys. Let them know you disapprove of this team. Pittsburgh only accepts winning, that’s what makes this city great.

But just be knowledgeable about certain things.

Ben DiNucci is not the problem. If Kenny Pickett starts, do you think these receivers are just magically going to get open. It is not like DiNucci is missing wide open receivers, they aren’t getting open.

So a lot of you want Pickett the rest of the way. Are you sure about that? You do know the rest of the schedule right? Virginia Tech and Miami.

Sheesh do you see these guys? Monsters.

Notre Dame wanted no part of them, and the scoreboard definitely displayed that.

So you want a true freshmen who enrolled in January don’t forget, to start against two top 25 teams, and one who is now No. 2 in the nation.


To lose confidence? What is he going to learn in these games. Nothing. Please do not play Pickett. He is not ready at all for that. None of our quarterbacks are. That is an extremely tough task.

Say he does play and doesn’t do well. All of you will be all over him too! So what’s the difference? Just keep him on the sidelines safe. Away from Miami and the big gold turnover chain.

Ideally, a grad transfer would be ideal for next year. Pickett redshirts, and then in two years, he’s the guy. It still keeps me up at night when I think about him losing that redshirt. ugh.

I can’t believe there’s only two more games for Pitt. My favorite time of the year is slowly leaving. Oh well. Whataya gonna do?

Hail to Pitt. Stay with this team, fans. Please don’t give up.

Photo of Ben DiNucci and the Pittsburgh Panthers offense courtesy of Keith Srakocic/Associated Press.