Pitt finally gets the Big Play

Posted on Oct 24 2017 - 3:09pm by Jordan Kiebler
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Pat Narduzzi must have read my article last week.

He must have said, “Boy this Jordan Kiebler really knows what he is talking about. I’m going to listen to him!”

Okay, back to reality. Pat Narduzzi played one quarterback on Saturday as they beat Duke, 24-17.

Pitt is 0-5 when playing two quarterbacks this season. To spell that out even farther, Pitt is winless when playing two quarterbacks. To take it even a step forward, the second a different quarterback steps onto the field, Pitt will lose.

Those are the stats.

I think Pitt did some things well Saturday, over all though, a very boring game. Playing at Duke is boring in general. There’s nothing about that place that will get you pumped up for a football game.

Darrin Hall played a fantastic game. He runs so hard and I love watching him. He really showed off his speed on Saturday, but we cannot give him all the credit.

Those holes were huge, so huge that Hall wasn’t even touched. Hall’s long touchdown run was the longest play from scrimmage in Pitt history. What an accomplishment.

Hall carries a lot of speed when he touches the ball. When those holes are so big that you are full speed ahead as soon as you take the ball, you’re going to make big plays. Pitt finally got the big play they were looking for.

Two claps for Darrin Hall and the offensive line. Seriously, clap twice. They deserve it.

Jordan Whitehead still proving why he’s the best defensive back in the Coastal Division. The interception he made that didn’t count. Wow. What an athlete. He makes my jaw drop. He had ten tackles and an interception on Saturday.

Two claps for Whitehead.

I love watching our cornerbacks come off the edge and get the quarterback. Avonte Maddox came downhill to sack the quarterback and force a fumble. Terrific day for Maddox. Hopefully he stays healthy.

Two claps for Maddox.

Ben DiNucci did an okay job. Nothing spectacular, nothing terrible. He proved that he needs a lot of work.

He cannot seem to make throws on the run, which isn’t ideal when you’re a running quarterback. He was short on the majority of throws when flushed out of the pocket. But he’s a sophomore, who started his third career game.

So people are saying Kenny Pickett needs to start the rest of the season.

I can see your point. I get it. His redshirt is burned so why not right? I hear ya.
But are we just going to give up on Ben DiNucci? He’s going to be the #2 guy for the rest of his career at Pitt?

Sounds like a transfer to me.

Then what? If you don’t have a quarterback coming in next year, who’s going to be that No. 2 guy? Thomas MacVittie? No.

Narduzzi said the competition has made DiNucci better. So let’s not give up on him quite yet. You have to look at the big picture here.

I saw Heather Lyke brough up a possible bowl game for the Panthers.

Uhm. What. Love the optimism, but come on.

Pitt needs three more wins. Pitt plays Virginia Tech, Miami, North Carolina and Virginia.

I see one win out of those remaining games.

The sooner fans and apparently now our AD, realize that this is a rebuilding year, the easier it will be. Stop setting unrealistic goals just to get disappointed.

Look at North Carolina and Florida State this year. Rebuilding.

Pitt lost way too many key contributors.

What knowledgeable fan would think Pitt would be competitive this year? This stuff happens. The future is bright for the Panthers. Just accept that this year will be hard to watch but let’s keep the faith.

Hail to Pitt.

Photo of Ben DeNucci courtesy of Joe Sargent/Getty Images.