Pitt Falls To Oklahoma State, 73-67

Posted on Nov 21 2017 - 6:00pm by Cody Flavell
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Marcus Carr was solid for Pitt despite loss. (Photo Credit: Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

There was a noticeably better Pitt (1-4) team on the floor against Oklahoma State (4-1) Tuesday night as opposed to less than 24 hours ago when they lost to Penn State.

In a game that would encourage many of the Pitt fans who have wanted to see the Panthers fight through growing pains, they were able to put up a much better effort than the previous night as they scored 67 points despite a loss.

Oklahoma State was led by an electric game from Jeffrey CarrollĀ  who had 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists. Pitt’s leading scorer was Shamiel Stevenson with 16 points as he added two rebounds.

Despite not being the leading scorer, Tuesday’s best player for Pitt was Marcus Carr. Carr dropped 12 points, added 4 rebounds and had a game-high and team season-high 10 assists. Carr was facilitating the offense in a way that couldn’t be imagined after last night’s horrible blow out. He had many crucial passes into the post to Stevenson which helped him to be the games leading scorer.

Jared Wilson-Frame, Pitt’s leader in points per game heading into the contest, had 13 but wasn’t the offensive bright spot he was in Monday night’s matchup. He went a measly 4/10 from the field.

Carroll, who dominated for the Cowboys offensively, had no issues running the offense in his first start after his legal allegations were lifted just a few days prior.

Carr and Stevenson’s offensive contributions for Pitt are a welcomed sign as Carr didn’t get much opportunity to play in the early going so far and when he did, he didn’t seem anywhere near as effective as he did on Tuesday. Stevenson made a lot of low-post plays and was aggressive on the defensive end. For a team that is just growing, any contribution from anywhere is eagerly welcomed.