Pitt Beats Rice? A Confidence Boost? Maybe…

Posted on Oct 3 2017 - 10:30am by Jordan Kiebler
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Photo courtesy of Keith Srakocic/Associated Press.

The University of Pittsburgh got a much needed win this past Saturday, as the Panthers went on to defeat the Rice Owls, 42-10.

I don’t have much to say about this game. Did Pitt look good? Yes.

Did they play a quality opponent? Absolutely not.

Rice is by far one of the worst teams in college football. So, before everyone jumps on the bandwagon, let’s stay in reality.

Do you remember those games in high school when you saw that one opponent on your schedule and you just knew you were going to pad your stats? You knew there was no way that team would beat you, and you were going to look good out there on the field or court.

Well that’s what this game was. Pitt played a low-tier opponent, and some of the Panthers shined.

Now, with all that being said, it still takes the talent to pull off some of this. But please keep in mind that Pitt will never play an opponent like this again for the rest of the season.

Some of my takeaways

Aaron Mathews finally had a big day. He is the future of our receiving core. Seeing him catch the ball and run up the field truly brings a smile to my face.

The day he decommitted from Penn State to join the Panthers was a day where I saw a play-maker coming to join the team. He showed what he can do when he catches the ball.

Jester Weah quieted some of his haters by having a big game. If you throw the ball to him in one on one coverage, he’s more than likely going to bring it down. He still isn’t showing how good he is. He’s our best receiver hands down.

Throw him the ball more, and you will win games.

Chawntez Moss still runs hard, and he got the start, as he should. It’s a toss-up in my eyes between Moss or Qadree Ollison. I’m honestly fine with either one.

Jordan Whitehead is still the most athletic player on the field. His presence is still being felt, and it’s good to see No. 9 on the field. The crowd loves seeing him get the ball on offense too.

They know how much he means to this team.

I would love to see him get an interception here in the near future, just to keep his confidence up and keep the wheels turning.

Max Browne got the start for the Panthers on Saturday.

Do I agree with it? No. Did he play well? Yes.

He really didn’t make many mistakes, but his athleticism or lack thereof really shows on some plays. He cannot avoid a sack. He isn’t mobile. The days of a pocket passer are long gone.

In my eyes, Ben DiNucci is the quarterback of this team. If Browne loses one more ACC game, you HAVE to go to DiNucci. Let him learn in live scenarios, so that he is that much better for next year.

This is a rebuilding year, so why don’t we rebuild with a quarterback we are going to still have next year. If Max Browne came in and was lighting it up, sure go with him. But he’s not. And you aren’t going to sway me on the fact that he tore apart Rice’s defense. Come on. That’s a junior varsity team.

Speaking of quarterbacks, why is Thomas MacVittie on special teams? I cannot wrap my head around that.

Dane Jackson is still the MVP of the defense. Words cannot describe how excited I am for the future of this kid. A young, terrific athlete on the outside that can change a game is what we need.

So with him, Jordan Whitehead, Damar Hamlin and Paris Ford next year in our secondary, on paper that’s a stacked lineup. It’s going to depend how Narduzzi uses their talent.

Again, this is short because I am not going to waste your time analyzing what Pitt did against a terrible opponent. It’s not worth it. Let’s see what they do next week against Syracuse.

Hail to Pitt.