Kiebler: Nothing but positives locking up Narduzzi

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 6:31pm by Jordan Kiebler
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Pat Narduzzi will be sporting the blue and gold for at least the next seven years. (Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

The Nard dog is back! Pat Narduzzi signed a seven-year extension with the University of Pittsburgh.

How about this excitement the Panthers are bringing?

When was the last time fans could actually feel comfortable with this team going into the next year?

Last year was fun, but everyone knew the likes of Nathan Peterman, James Conner, Adam Bisnowaty, Dorian Johnson, Matt Galambos, Ejuan Price, Chirs Blewitt, and many others were not going to return.

The previous year things were looking good. And, then… boom, Matt Canada leaves.

Before that, Pitt embodied mediocracy under Paul Chryst. Some said Chryst was one of the best offensive minds in the game, but again… boom. He goes back to Madison, Wisconsin.

Taking it back even further, Pitt couldn’t land a quarterback that wouldn’t keep you up at night.

Tino Sunseri,¬†despite popularity, wasn’t spectacular by any means.

So, this is really the first time in a while that both the head coach is staying and the quarterback is a young kid with miles of potential.

Kenny Pickett and the Nard Dog.

This is great.

Narduzzi seems to be all about Pittsburgh. It seems like he loves it here and wants to get Pitt back to the team that it was decades ago.

The defense is showing signs of life and the recruiting is getting better. Recruits seem excited to come be a part of what Narduzzi is brewing up in Oakland.

In fact, I spoke to a couple recruits on the recent coaching extension.

Blake Zubovic, the #1 ranked OT in PA, said “Coach Duzz is one of the biggest reasons why I came to Pitt. He has been real with me since I first met him and I have faith he will help me and this class develop into something special and bring back Pitt football.”

John Morgan, a defensive end coming in next year said, “I am really happy to see that Coach Duzz has signed that contract extension. It is something that, as a commit, I love because it shows that he has made Pitt his home just like me. Like seeing the recent fanatics with the college football world and these coaches, it is a great feeling to know that my coach will be staying to watch me and my teammates grow as young men.”

It’s good to hear the relationships Narduzzi is building with these kids. That’s what it’s about.

Duzz is 2-0 against #2 teams during his time at Pitt.

And he kept that one team out of the playoff last year. Who was that again?

Pitt is on the rise and I’m excited about the future. You should be too. I can see the Panthers cracking the top-25 next year, having a solid year in the ACC Coastal.

Fans are going to read this and say “yeah, yeah we hear this every year.”

You’re right. But when did we have a good quarterback and good coach sticking around?

See the difference?

The Nard Dog is staying in the Burgh!