Panthers do it again to No. 2 Miami

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 3:08pm by Jordan Kiebler
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If you are a golfer, you will be able to relate to this. You know how you will completely suck the entire round and then on hole No. 18 you will birdie the hole? So during the round, you are saying how you never want to golf again.

But then you birdie No. 18 and all of a sudden you are making your tee time for next weekend. It keeps you coming back.

That’s how I feel with Pitt football. They do these crazy things at the end of the year and it gives fans hope for the next coming year and expectations are usually never met, but hey, it’s fine while it lasts right?

But come on. How ’bout those Panthers!?

Are you seriously kidding me? I thought Miami was the best team in the nation at that point. They had a swagger that could not have been matched. However, if they beat Clemson, they are right back in it.

I saw a tweet that said Pitt is undefeated when they are un-ranked and playing against a Top three opponent.

That’s impressive.

Kenny Pickett

Fans, Pitt has found their quarterback for the next three years. Can you remember a time when you were able to be excited about the next three years with the quarterback position? I’m 23, and I cannot remember.

I felt like Tino Sunseri was at Pitt for 17 years, and not one year was I excited about his return.

I was excited for Nathan Peterman returning for another year, but that was only two years total.

I’m talking three years. This is something to build around. This is awesome.

Other Returning Panthers:

Quadree Henderson, WR; Maurice Ffrench, WR; Tre Tipton, WR (hurt all year); Aaron Mathews, WR; Ruben Flowers, WR; Brian O’Neil OL (NFL Draft, probably); Jimmy Morrissey, OL; Alex Bookser, OL; Darrin Hall, RB; Quadree Ollison, RB; AJ Davis, RB; George Aston, FB; Dewayne Hendrix, DL; Shane Roy, DL; Amir Watts, DL; James Folston, JR DL; Elijah Zeise, LB; Saleem Brightwell, LB; Sean Idowu, LB; Jordan Whitehead (NFL Draft, probably); Damar Hamlin, S; Dane Jackson, S; Paris Ford, S; and Alex Kessman, K.

Plus a lot more. Are you kidding me? How can you not be excited about this? I love it. The future is bright. Fans have to stay positive and rally with this team. These upcoming years are going to be fun. You can hold me to this if you want.

Narduzzi’s halftime comment

Narduzzi had a bold statement at halftime.

He said something a long the lines of “It happened in West Virginia when they were No. 2, it happened in South Carolina when they were No. 2 and it’s happening in Pittsburgh today.”

Wow, what a statement from Duzz. Very, very bold. That takes guts. Good for him. He was pumped up the entire game.

Kwantel Raines

Raines tweeted “Deep thoughts about the future bug decisions.”

Is he already having second thoughts from his October 30th decision date? He was at the game on Friday and tweeted after the game, “Woah.” I don’t know what that means, but it definitely doesn’t look bad for Pitt. Who knows.

All i know is that Pitt is on the rise. Stay with this team.


Photo of Kenny Pickett courtesy of Keith Srakocic/Associated Press.