Panthers’ Max Browne out for the year

Posted on Oct 12 2017 - 9:49pm by Jordan Kiebler
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Max Browne is out for the season following shoulder surgery this week.

A former five-star recruit has officially ended his college career with the University of Pittsburgh.

This is an interesting story and a bumpy road for Browne. Let’s take a look where it all started.

Browne was the No. 1 quarterback in the state of Washington his senior year, and was the second best quarterback in the 2013 class. Who was No. 1? None other than Christian Hackenberg of Penn State.

Looking back at the quarterback class of 2013, none of those names really jump out at me.

Browne was the 20th recruit in the nation out of all positions. He had a ton of offers, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, Clemson, Wisconsin….the list goes on and on.

Basically, Browne could have easily chosen any school he wanted to go to. He was regarded as a very, very talented quarterback with a great arm and tremendous accuracy.

But things didn’t pan out right away for him.

In 2014-15, he was Cody Kessler’s backup, and in 2016 he got the nod for the starting quarterback at the University of Southern California.

He didn’t perform to USC standards, and ended up losing his job to Sam Darnold, a potential first overall draft pick.

He came to Pitt in 2017 as a graduate transfer.

Browne didn’t “wow” Pitt fans, but some might say that he has a lot of talent hidden in that 6’5” frame of his.

Well, he starts platooning with Ben DiNucci, and he finds himself in yet another quarterback battle.

Was Browne going to be the guy for the rest of the year? Did he prove that he could play against Rice and Syracuse? Yes, I think after watching those two games, he proved that he has talent to start.

We will never know what could have been for Browne.

What a bumpy road for him. Honestly, I feel for him.

He came out of high school as one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, and doesn’t do anything memorable in college. People aren’t going to remember him in 20 years at the college level.

However, is he going to be healthy for Pitt’s pro day and catch the eyes of scouts? Let’s hope so. I’m pulling for Browne at this point. I wish him all the best. He’s been a little unlucky during his career, but it comes down to talent.

This isn’t high school anymore. No one cares if your dad wants you to play or not – the best player will play. And USC and Pitt showed that.

So now it’s Ben DiNucci’s team, and I am so excited to watch him play. He’s going to do some great things for Pitt and watching him run around just adds another aspect to their already “not that exciting” offense.

DiNucci will face a tough task right off the bat when No. 20 North Carolina State comes to town. I haven’t been confident in any game we have played yet besides Rice. I wasn’t that confident in Youngstown State because, well, you know what happened a few years ago.

Please, please do not play Kenny Pickett.

Let’s give this kid time to get his feet wet. He came to Pitt in January of this year, and is still learning.

He is extremely talented but don’t ruin his confidence by stacking him against ACC opponents halfway through the year. Coach Narduzzi, if you are reading this, think about it.

I’m not going to flat out say Pitt will win on Saturday. But I really think they are heading in the right direction. If I was a betting man, I’d say picking Pitt is one of the best bets of the weekend.

Hail to Pitt and get well soon, Max.

Photo of Max Browne (No. 4) courtesy of Justin K. Aller/Getty Images.