Narduzzi, Panthers in search of steady Offensive Coordinator

Posted on Dec 21 2015 - 5:44pm by Joey Cinello
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When new head coach Pat Narduzzi came into the Pitt program, he brought in Jim Chaney in January, who had over 30 years of coaching experience under his belt, including time with Drew Brees at Purdue. Leading Chaney to the Panthers was an impactful move for Pitt’s offense, but after one season in Pittsburgh, Chaney is returning to the SEC to be Georgia’s new offensive coordinator. That leaves Pitt with a hole in their coaching staff for next season.

Jim Chaney is leaving Pitt to rejoin the SEC, this time with Georgia. Photo Credit: Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Narduzzi, a defensive specialist, will begin another search for his second offensive coordinator in as many years.

A new approach will be taken this time by Narduzzi when in the hunt. He said this today at a press conference regarding a new coordinator, “Wanting to stay, too. We don’t need a great coach to come in here and be here for a year. That does me no good, that does our football team no good.”

Staying power will be something that is a must for Narduzzi if a potential coach wants to land the gig.

Pitt star and wideout Tyler Boyd had some strong words to say on Chaney’s departure as well, “It was just like ‘Aw, man, so quick?’ Because a lot of coaches been in and out of here.”

Who knows if that will impact Boyd’s decision to stay with the Panthers or go to the NFL, but that does not sound promising when discussing the program.

According to Narduzzi, Scott Barnes and Patrick Gallagher went way out of their way to help sway Chaney to stay with Pitt. Obviously, it was all for not.

It will be a tough blow for Pitt’s program, Chaney did have plenty of success for the team in one season.

Chaney helped establish quarterback Nathan Peterman as Pitt’s obvious number one, which also helped wide receiver Dontez Ford become a great option for him next to Boyd. Passing was an obvious strength of Chaney’s and helped J.P. Holtz and tight ends get a lot more work than they were expected to receiving. Although, Chaney was criticized by many for passing the ball too much early in games instead of running the ball more.

Tim Salem, Pitt’s tight ends coach, will take over Chaney’s duties during the Military Bowl against Navy on December 28.

In that same news conference today, Narduzzi told the media that Salem is a candidate for the full-time job.

Salem said, “Why would you not be? You coach to be at that level. Be a head coach, be a coordinator,” when asked about Narduzzi’s comments.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi has said that Tim Salem will be in the running for Pitt's OC position. Photo Credit: Pitt Livewire

Head coach Pat Narduzzi has said that Tim Salem will be in the running for Pitt’s OC position. Photo Credit: Pitt Livewire

However, Barnes has said that Narduzzi will have plenty of resources when searching for a new offensive coordinator.

Time will tell what happens with Pitt, but one thing is for sure: The search for a new coordinator has begun, and he will not be announced until after the bowl game.


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