McKriger’s Korner: The Introduction of a Weekly Column

Posted on Aug 28 2016 - 3:25pm by Rachael McKriger
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Whenever I was younger, I had frequent visits to my grandparent’s houses. My grandparents, two wonderful people that are now passed, had their rituals they’d do with me.

We’d eat our chicken noodle soup (my grandma made it best), then I would sit with my grandpa and watch Pittsburgh Pirates games. Or, sometimes Pap would listen to it on his radio and sit on his porch.

Even then, I’d join him. I didn’t understand baseball back then, and it didn’t really interest me all that much, but my Pap liked it, so I would join him until it was time to watch a Disney movie with my Gram.

Photo for McKriger's Korner: Will Babin.

Photo for McKriger’s Korner: Will Babin.

Even to this day, I’m not incredibly knowledgeable about baseball, but I’m slowly learning. Either way, that’s why here at Pittsburgh Sports Castle, I don’t do the Pirates coverage. I do the Steelers and the Riverhounds.

And I was the person that blew up the feed with Olympic coverage. You’re welcome for that.

Back to the story of my grandparents. Growing up and listening to those baseball games with my Pap made me appreciate sports. I played basketball when I was younger, and soccer too, but I appreciated every sport.

Because of that, I always gave sports a shot when it came to watching them. I even watched golf to see if I was into it or not. Turns out I wasn’t.

Another great thing about those times with Pap and the Pirates was it introduced me to sport discussions. Pap would remark which player was “a scrub” and which guy was “the dude” for our team.

That’s why I wanted to start “McKriger’s Korner.” I want to initiate sports conversation. Hey, I’ll talk about anything, even baseball and hockey, even though I don’t cover it. I’m learning after all, and McKriger’s Korner discussions about that will certainly help in the learning process.

I want to know what you, the readers, want to talk about. Hit up the comment section below and tell me which topics to talk about. I love getting feedback from the readers, so bring it on. I’m ready to talk sports with you.

I know Joey is doing the same thing, and I think it’s great. Opening ourselves up to our readers is something I believe every writer should do. Initiating discussion is what every writer should do.

So bring on your topics of concern. I’m here with open ears and an open mind for your ideas. I love debating sports, and I want to debate sports with the readers.

That’s how all journalists should be. See you guys each week for a topic of discussion.



Cover Photo for McKriger’s Korner: Will Babin.

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