McKriger: Let’s shine some light on Boswell

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 9:22am by Rachael McKriger
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In the last four games featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chris Boswell has kicked three game-winning field goals.

In 12 regular-season games this year, Boswell has converted 28/31 field goal attempts, and 23/25 extra points.

It’s nothing new for Boswell, who has almost the same exact answer as he does after he kicks a winning field goal.

“You’ve got to remember the same thing you do every time,” Boswell said. “You can’t put too much pressure on one kick, not enough on another kick. It’s just kick by kick. You just move on with it.”

Kicking is second nature for Boswell, as it should be. However, sometimes Steelers fans forget to give credit where it’s due.

Antonio Brown has been the talk of Steelers Nation, which is understandable with 88 receptions for 1,296 yards and nine touchdowns. Ben Roethlisberger is always a popular topic in Pittsburgh, and right now all eyes are on Ryan Shazier, hoping that he recovers from his injury.

With all the buzz surrounding offensive and defensive players, it’s easy for special teams to get lost in the madness.

However, when you have a kicker winning your games, when all the pressure in the world is on him, how hard is it for members of the media to give him a pat on the back – or a little attention?

I try to give Boswell attention in my stories, and even make him the lead sentence every once in a while. He has been consistent for the Steelers since his arrival in 2015, after the injury to Shaun Suisham and failed kicking attempts from Josh Scobee.

“That year I got here, I was probably going to give myself that year and that was it,” Boswell said, after being hired by the Steelers. “I’d have been two full years being out of college without making it, and with how many kickers are coming out every year, it’s hard to stay in the loop. I was close to pulling the plug on it, really.”

Boswell has cemented himself in a Steelers’ uniform, and for good reason.

His career total for field goals is 78/88 converted kicks and 85/88 converted extra point attempts.

This year should be the year that Boswell punches his ticket to the Pro Bowl. Despite the arguments for how meaningless it is, it’s still an accolade for a player to be voted out of all the other hundreds of players in the league for a specific slot.

There are 32 kickers in the NFL, however, Boswell deserves his ticket to the Pro Bowl.

Let’s make that happen, Steelers nation!

Or, Boswell could punch his ticket to Minnesota for the Super Bowl.

Photo of Chris Boswell after he kicked the game-winning field goal against the Green Bay Packers courtesy of Joe Sargent/Getty Images.