Hell in a Cell Predictions

Posted on Oct 8 2017 - 4:28pm by Jeff Bridges
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As we prepare to view the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event tonight, several members of the PSC staff have come together to deliver match predictions for this evening.

Along with each prediction, we will be providing our reasoning behind our picks and insight as to where they may go from here.

Pre Show: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin Vs. The Hype Bros.

Shalene Hixon: I will honestly not be surprised if the Hype Bros. finally break up after, or even during this match. Regardless, they’ve been teasing it for a while so I think Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are splitting while Gable and Benjamin get the win. Pick: Gable and Benjamin

Jason McDermott: Hype Bros. finally implode and Gable and Benjamin pick up the scraps on the kick off portion of the show, pretty easy pick. Pick: Gable and Benjamin

Anthony Valvo: I think the hype is over as it is imminent that one member of this tag team will turn sooner rather than later. Chad Gable needs to get his and with Benjamin’s return it would make for a good tag team victory. My money is on World’s Greatest Tag Team 2.0. Pick: Gable and Benjamin

Jeff Bridges: Gable and Benjamin will definitely come out on top in this one. The Hype Bros. have been steadily heading towards a massive implosion for many weeks now and a loss here could be the catalyst for that break-up. I see no way that Gable and Benjamin don’t come out on top. Pick: Gable and Benjamin

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Bobby Roode

Shalene: Ziggler at this point is so irrelevant, there is no chance that he wins this match. The only reason he’s back on TV is to get Roode over, plain and simple. With his contract expiring soon and rumors going around that he’s not resigning, it’s safe to say that the Showoff’s days in WWE are numbered. Bobby Roode all the way on this one. Pick: Bobby Roode

Jason: I enjoy what they are doing with Ziggler but there is no way that Roode is losing here. Pick: Bobby Roode

Anthony: Bobby Roode continues his glorious run on the Smackdown brand by defeating a wrestler who creative is struggling to find ground. If someone can tell me whose stock has dropped faster than Ziggler’s, I’d love to hear it. Pick: Bobby Roode

Jeff: Ziggler has become nothing more than enhancement talent for the new wrestlers coming into Smackdown. Bobby Roode needs this first pay-per-view victory to really get his career started on the main roster and I am positive that he will get it. Pick: Bobby Roode

Randy Orton Vs. Rusev

Shalene: This feud needs to be over already, no one takes Rusev seriously and Orton lost all momentum he had losing to Mahal repeatedly. I think Orton takes this match just for the sole fact of saving some credibility. But regardless of who wins, I have no clue what WWE will do with either of them after this. Pick: Randy Orton

Jason: This feud has been poorly executed and thankfully this should be put to an end. Rusev is like Bray Wyatt, they never quite believe in him or what to do with him. Orton comes out on top. Pick: Randy Orton

Anthony: Now I may be in the minority in this selection but I have my reason. Orton is a solid performer and Rusev has been sorely underrated this year. I think Orton needs to take a step back in this gimmick and perhaps we can see the makings of a turn with Rusev pulling the upset. Pick: Rusev

Me: As much as I would love for Rusev to win over Orton, I just don’t see it happening. Both men are in a poor state right now with Rusev not really having a clear direction and Orton having zero momentum after his feud with Jinder. If any match on the card deserves a bathroom break, it will be this one. Orton wins. Pick: Randy Orton

Natalya Vs. Charlotte: Smackdown Women’s Championship

Shalene: There was potential to make a good story out of this feud. Not only is it the Flairs vs the Harts, but these two have put on good matches before. Instead, all WWE ever focused on was Carmella and her Money in the Bank briefcase. I can’t take Nattie seriously as a heel and it’s time for her to give up the belt. Charlotte becomes only the second woman to win both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships. It’s a toss-up if Carmella attempts a cash-in, but remember that Paige could return any day now. Might be a good idea to keep your eye on this one. Pick: Charlotte

Jason: I’m going with Charlotte on this one. But Carmella will come in after the match and cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase successfully. Pick: Charlotte, who loses it to Carmella

Anthony: I feel that Charlotte is one of the most athletic wrestler in the entire roster. Her character has been better and I think she has found her niche in this division again. Natalya is the rock and represents the WWE brand well and has been a solid champion, but it is time to bow to the queen. Pick: Charlotte

Me: These two women have had absolutely stellar matches in the past and this is looking to be no different. Natalya being champion is just not convincing as she hasn’t had a great character or storyline in years so I believe that Charlotte will walk out as champion, more than likely followed by a Carmella cash in. Pick: Charlotte

AJ Styles Vs. Baron Corbin: United States Championship

Shalene: This match could be really good. While Corbin is technically the heel in this feud, it seems like Styles has acted more heelish as of late. I think Corbin is done paying penance for his backstage heat, and definitely needs this win more than Styles. I say Corbin wins this one. Pick: Baron Corbin

Jason: I was all fine and ready to say AJ, but something about him dressing down Corbin in a slightly heel-ish manner on the titantron Tuesday made me change my pick here. Corbin wins the gold. Pick: Baron Corbin

Anthony: I know they were high for over a year on Corbin but now is not the time to be a champion. Corbin was provided opportunities but comes off as an average wrestler who is complacent with his abilities. It’s not a good combination. The most popular wrestler over the last couple years in the WWE is Styles. Styles makes any opponent better. Corbin dominates the match, but Styles keeps the U.S. Title in the end. Pick: AJ Styles

Me: Up until this past Tuesday, I was completely certain that AJ was not losing the championship anytime soon. Now, I feel like Corbin is going to pick up the win. He has been built very weak in this feud, coming up short in every match. They are starting to show signs of overconfidence in AJ and I feel that will backfire. Pick: Baron Corbin

The Usos Vs. The New Day: Hell in a Cell Match for Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Shalene: I won’t be surprised if this is the match of the night. These two teams have consistently put on amazing matches, but the problem is that it’s coming close to being overdone. This has been going on for months now and has to end eventually. The Usos are the best tag team in WWE right now and I think they’re winning the belts back yet again. Sadly, they’ll probably drop them right back to the New Day at the next pay-per-view. Pick: The Usos

Jason: This has been a great feud, and the Usos have shown why they are the premier tag team in the company (dare I say, since Day One-ish?). Jimmy and Jay take back the straps Sunday night. Pick: The Usos

Anthony: Every match I’ve seen between these two teams was pure poetry and storytelling. I still see a couple more matches with many tremendous combinations and therefore I believe at least for now that The New Day will keep the Tag Team titles. Pick: The New Day

Me: Already calling this as match of the night as it has been the trend on the last few pay-per-views. These two teams create absolute magic together and the addition of the cell will make it even better. I see this as the end of the feud with nowhere else they can possibly take it from here, so the Power of Positivity will prevail. Pick: The New Day

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Jinder Mahal: WWE Championship

Shalene: I really want Nakamura to win this match, I really do. He is one of the best wrestlers in the company right now and deserves to be the champion. However, he has one problem in front of him: terrible timing. WWE will be going to India real soon and they’ll want to make Mahal look like a million bucks. So as much as it pains me to say this, Mahal will be retaining the WWE Championship. Pick: Jinder Mahal

Jason: WWE missed a golden opportunity with Braun Strowman to capitalize on his momentum. They will not make the same mistake here. That along with rumored shoulder issues for Jinder makes me pick Shinsuke to win the strap. Pick: Shinsuke Nakamura

Anthony: I think we are still not done with Mahal as the WWE Champion. Initially Mahal just got by on his gimmick but his talent has improved with the help of The Singh Brothers. I’d enjoy a Nakamura championship run and we will see it soon, but I’d save Nakamura for a couple more months and make him champion closer to the Royal Rumble. Mahal wins with help but don’t expect his reign to last. Pick: Jinder Mahal

Me: Thsi is my most painful prediction to make but I believe that, with WWE’s upcoming Indian tour, Mahal will keep the championship. Nakamura is one of the best performers in the entire company, but as a business it makes sense for Jinder to keep the title. Pick: Jinder Mahal

Shane McMahon Vs. Kevin Owens: Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match

Shalene: WWE has done a good job of building this match up. Making things personal creates interest and what could be more personal than Owens belittling McMahon’s family and attacking his father? Shane O’Mac is out for revenge and I think he’ll get inside Hell in a Cell. That and we all know he’ll be taking at least one big bump during this match. Regardless, he gets the win here. Pick: Shane McMahon

Jason: I’d love to see K.O. win this and assert himself as the top heel in the company, let alone SmackDown, and go on to have a big-time feud with Nakamura leading into Survivor Series and beyond. But I have a gut feeling that Shane will get the W here. Pick: Shane McMahon

Anthony: Here is my rock solid prediction. McMahon will get a couple of impressive spots but in no way should he be the one to win this match. Owens is by far the best heel in the WWE and to dominate the entire McMahon family will set his sights on something more popular in the end of the feud. Pick: Kevin Owens

Me: I absolutely love how personal this match has been built as. This has been the most well built feud in recent memory and has the most real feel of any match tonight. I truly feel like Shane will win this mostly due to the fall count anywhere stipulation. He will land one of his insanely deadly spots and pick up the win, potentially leading Kevin to a jump to Raw.  Pick: Shane McMahon