Column: Get it together, Le’Veon Bell

Posted on Aug 5 2017 - 10:40am by Rachael McKriger
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Photo of Le’Veon Bell courtesy of Jim Rogash/Getty Images.

History repeats itself is a saying as old as, well, history.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a historic organization in the NFL, there’s no doubt about that. The ownership takes on a lot of that history, with the legendary Art Rooney, known as “The Chief,” as the founding owner.

Recently, on April 13 of this year, Dan Rooney, who took the ownership of the team when his father passed away, passed away. His legacy still lives on through the Steelers organization.

An icon in Pittsburgh, Dan Rooney was someone who loved the city of Pittsburgh and wanted to give Steelers fans success and championships.

He also wanted to give his fans good players to watch.

However, he did so at reasonable prices and never had a problem working with his players to make sure they were getting fair pay.

Now, Le’Veon Bell will not head to the Steelers training camp in Latrobe, Pa., because he wants more money.

If Mr. Rooney were alive, he’d be shaking his head.

There have been players that have “held out” from camp before. No matter what, the Steelers and their owners haven’t budged. The Rooney’s have an unspoken rule that fans just know; you earn your money on the field, not by opening your mouth.

And also not by tapping on your keyboard.

There’s no doubt that Bell deserves a big payday. He’s been a force to be reckoned with in the backfield for the Steelers. He has won games for them, broken records and proven that he can face any linebacker in the league.

However, holding out and not going to training camp won’t get him the money he desires.

Bell will hope and pray for a good season this year. Even that might not be enough. Bell will have to have a superb season for the Rooney’s to write a big check.

The Steelers aren’t without options though if Bell’s holdout continues longer. The team drafted hometown college hero James Conner from the University of Pittsburgh.

Conner has been getting most of the first-team reps in training camp with Bell’s absence. He is also joined by fellow running backs, Brandon Brown-Dukes, Knile Davis, Fitzgerald Toussaint, Trey Williams and Terrell Watson.

The Steelers and Bell need to work together on both a contract, and getting the Michigan State University alum back on the training camp grounds.

Learn from others, Mr. Bell. Holding out helps nobody.


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