205 Live Recap: The Zo Train rolls on

Posted on Nov 22 2017 - 12:49pm by Shalene Hixon
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Photo of the Zo Train courtesy of WWE’s official website

It doesn’t look like anyone will be taking the Cruiserweight title from Enzo Amore anytime soon. 

205 Live aired from the Toyota Center in Houston, Tex. 

Amore challenged the members of the Zo Train with a pretty simple task: impress him and you might get a title shot. Four members were poised to do so, starting with Drew Gulak. 

He was set to face Akira Tozawa in a street fight, but not before trying to get through his famous PowerPoint presentation. Gulak couldn’t even begin it as Tozawa made his way to the ring, ready to go. 

The two went back and forth before a suplex on the entrance ramp shifted the momentum in Gulak’s favor. He repeatedly targeted Tozawa’s previously injured throat, as well as using his “No Chants” sign and some steel chairs to his advantage. 

However, Tozawa’s resilience started to show as he broke the sign in half and fed off the Houston crowd to get back in it. He grabbed a trash can and a kendo stick, throwing the trash can on Gulak and swinging away with the kendo stick. 

Gulak finally fell onto a table, allowing Tozawa to hit his diving senton finisher to pick up the win. 

Up next was Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali, with Nese hoping to impress his newfound friend Amore. 

Nese tried to use his strength early on, but Ali was able to counter everything. They started to fight on the outside of the ring, where Nese threw Ali into the barricade and the announce table. 

With the match finally in his control, Nese continued to wear down Ali in the ring. The crowd rallied behind Ali, who was able to daze Nese enough to try and hit his 0-5-4 finisher from the top rope. Nese was able to counter, however, and put Ali in perfect position for his running knee strike that gave him the victory. 

Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar tried to follow in Nese’s footsteps, as they took on Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann. Both teams traded momentum early on, as Amore watched from ringside. Dar was finally able to take control and started to beat down Alexander. 

Alexander battled back and was able to tag Swann in, who was fresh and ready to fight. He was about to hit his Phoenix Splash finisher, but Dar distracted the referee and Amore pulled him from the top rope. 

Even after the distraction, Daivari and Dar couldn’t regain any momentum. Amore tried to distract the referee again, but Alexander took him and Daivari out of the equation. This allowed Swann to finally hit the Phoenix Splash for the win. 

But right after the match, Amore and Daivari attacked Alexander and Swann. Tozawa and Ali ran down to the ring, but were attacked by Gulak and Nese. The Zo Train absolutely laid out their rivals, with Amore finishing the assault by diving onto both Alexander and Nese from the top rope.