205 Live recap: The “Zo Train” chugs forward

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 10:31am by Jeff Bridges
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With the entire division focused on the Fatal Four-Way qualifying matches for a chance to face Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Title, this WWE show was all about building momentum as 205 Live came to The Rupp Arena in Lexington.

Zo Train member Noam Dar, accompanied by Enzo himself, had a lot to make up for as he had a chance at redemption against Rich Swann, the man who pinned him in a qualifying match the night before on Raw.

Amore was very clear that redemption was necessary and that he wanted Swann hurt Enzo allowed Dar to kick out his legs and start working over Rich’s limbs.

Dar held a good amount of control for the remainder of the match until a recent sprain in his knee started slowing him down. This slight opening was just enough for Swann to land one of his devastating kicks that set up for his breathtaking Phoenix Splash to pick up another victory over the daring Scottsman, a loss that made Enzo very displeased.

In an effort to build momentum heading towards their Fatal Four-Way qualifying match on Raw Zo Train members Drew Gulak and Tony Nese team up to take on Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. Gulak and Nese beganb referring to themselves as Team PowerPoint, which git a huge pop from the crowd.

This match remained back and forth, but the seeds of dissension were being sewn between Mustafa and Cedric as Gulak distracted Alexander which caused him to not be in the corner to accept the tag. When the tag was made, the two men bickered but continued work as usual, with Cedric firing off his high octane flips and strikes against Drew.

After some more miscommunication, Team PowerPoint shifted momentum completely in their favor, isolating Alexander for a good portion of the match’s remainder. Ali was able to get in and mount some offense, bringing the duo close, but more miscommunication in the form of Ali and Alexander bumping heads allowed Nese to pick up a quick victory and redemption for The Zo Train.

In his first match since losing the Cruiserweight championship to Amore, Kalisto prepared to take on the Evil Gentleman Jack Gallagher one-on-one with his mentor Brian Kendrick at ringside. It was a definite clash of styles as the high-flying luchador squared off with the technical Brit.

Gallagher held control throughout the majority of the match, grounding Kalisto easily and stretching his limbs in the most gruesome ways possible. Kalisto was able to fight back and hit his Salida Del Sol to try and claim the win.

Before the pin could be made, Brian Kendrick rushed the ring and beat down the masked superstar, picking him up only to be knocked back down by a wicked Gallagher headbutt.