205 Live: A New Masked Face Appears

Posted on Oct 5 2017 - 10:25am by Jeff Bridges
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Photo courtesy of WWE.


The show opens with Kalisto, the newest member of the Cruiserweight Division, hitting the ring to cut a promo.

He began to express his excitement at making the jump to 205 Live and getting to work with the hardest workers in the company.

He is soon interrupted by the arrogant champion, Enzo Amore.

Amore proceeds to talk down on Kalisto, saying how much of a disappointment he has been since losing the United States Championship several months back. This led to the luchador calling the champ out for his cheap methods of winning, which prompted his opponent, Ariya Daivari, to make his entrance for their match.

Daivari, trying to impress the champion and get on his good side, applied a lot of pressure early on, using his size and power advantage to wear down Kalisto.

He was even able to land his perfectly executed Frog Splash, nearly gaining the victory. Distracted by the sheer shock of not getting the 3-count, the swift luchador quickly countered a lift into his Salida del Sol finisher to snag his first Cruiserweight victory.

Drew Gulak made his entrance and continues his recent campaign for a better 205 Live. He reaches the slide in his PowerPoint presentation that specifies that no performer should do any flipping maneuvers. As if summoned, Mustafa Ali, known for his aerial insanity, makes his way down to the ring for their match.

As the match was about to get underway, Akira Tozawa came out to the stage and takes a seat to watch the action. He also proceededd to start up his “Hah” chant, One of Drew’s biggest annoyances.

Gulak landed a lot of extremely rough, grounded offense including several slams and suplexes into the corner. As soon as Ali seemed down and out, he landed a devastating kick on Drew out of nowhere due to a distraction from Tozawa, setting him up perfectly for Mustafa’s breathtaking top-rope move, the Inverted 450 Splash, to pick up another big win.

The main event featured Cedric Alexander preparing to take on Gentleman Jack Gallagher, fresh off a recent heel turn.

Before things can get started, Brian Kendrick, a friend of Gallagher’s, was backstage doing an interview.

Alexander, trying to prevent any outside interference in his match, jumps Kendrick from behind and beats him down, seemingly injuring his leg in the process.

This match remained close throughout the majority, with Jack holding a slight edge with some devastating kicks. These seemingly just anger Cedric whom, after a single counter to his kicks, began to lash out with some offense.

Alexander took Gallagher all over the ringside area, slamming him around the barricades and all over the floor until Jack tries to sneak back into the ring. He tries to grab his trusty umbrella, William, to fight back but is stopped by Cedric.

In a fit of rage, Alexander grabs the umbrella and hits Gallagher with everything he had, causing him to get disqualified while also gaining a measure of revenge on the angry Englishman.

Final Thoughts:

Kalisto debuting in the Cruiserweight Division was a long time coming and will definitely be a good thing for his career in the long run.

Hopefully his feud with Enzo Amore really allows him to shine like he always was meant to.

I am growing to love Drew Gulak’s gimmick. He has become that comedic heel persona that the division needed and always gives me a reason to want to tune in with his always interrupted PowerPoint Presentation.

Cedric Alexander finally showed some personality in his match against Gallagher when he snapped and beat him down with the umbrella. Hopefully this leads to a more proper push for him down the line.