205 Live: Hideo Itami makes anticipated debut

Posted on Dec 20 2017 - 6:45pm by Shalene Hixon
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Photo of Colin Delaney and Hideo Itami courtesy of WWE’s official website

After numerous promos and vignettes announcing his arrival, former NXT star Hideo Itami finally made his debut.

205 Live aired from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Fans got a taste of what he was capable of when he helped Finn Balor battle the Miztourage on RAW. On this night, he took on Colin Delaney.

The match was a quick one, as Itami ran through Delaney with an array of kicks and strikes. All he needed after that was his Go to Sleep finisher to pick up the win.

Looking to avenge his loss to Cedric Alexander on RAW, Drew Gulak challenged him to a rematch.

There would be no PowerPoint presentation, as Gulak was focused on taking down his opponent. He got off to an aggressive start, grounding Alexander as Enzo Amore looked on from ringside.

Alexander tried to get some strikes in, but Gulak countered them and continued to wear him down. A submission almost caused Alexander to tap out, but he battled back and caught Gulak alone on the top rope.

One crazy Lumbar Check later, and Alexander emerged victorious. Ariya Daivari tried to attack him from behind, but Alexander was ready and sent the Zo Train reeling.

Up next was Gran Metalik and Kalisto against The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher. The luchadors were fed up with Kendrick and Gallagher’s actions in recent weeks, and were looking for some retribution. They didn’t let their competitors pre-match insults rattle them, as they were focused on winning the match.

It was a back and forth contest until Metalik and Kalisto used their abilities to take control. Kalisto looked poised to hit Gallager with a Salida del Sol, but Kendrick made the save. He continued to attack the former Cruiserweight champion, causing the match to end in a disqualification.

Even after the match, Kendrick and Gallagher continued to assault Kalisto. Once they were finished with him, they turned their attention to Metalik. They targeted his injured leg, pinning it between the ring post and the steel steps.

Gallagher finished the brutal attack by dropkicking the steel steps, crushing Metalik’s leg in the process.